Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Birth Story

It has been over two months since Emily was born!  I am sooo behind in telling her birth story.  I have a hard time prying myself from my sweet baby and when I do its usually to do the necessities [like shower and eat].   Regardless of how long ago it all actually happened, here is Emily's Birth Story:

I reached 36 weeks and I was allowed up off of bed rest [hallelujah!] and I was determined to get this baby out!  Despite continuous contractions, my body just wasn't ready to kick into full on labor.  At 38 weeks I had given up trying.  My cousin Kayla's water broke after walking around Ikea, so the two of us ventured there for an afternoon believing in its magical powers! 

The next day I was making lunch and my water broke.  It was a full on miracle and now I knew that this baby was coming for sure. [since she teased me for so long .... see previous post]
After a quick stop at Sonic, so I could have my last meal, we headed over to the hospital.  We checked into triage and were soon admitted to labor and delivery.  Even though my water had broke, I wasn't having very strong contractions.  They put in my IV and told me to go walk around the hospital for a bit to get my labor moving.  We walked out the L&D doors, rounded the corner, and WHAMOOO!  I had my very first MAJOR contraction.  To this day I am so grateful that the halls of the hospital are lined with railings!  We went straight back to the room and called the anesthesiologist.

They gave me my epidural and about 30 minutes later it had worn off.  They came back and gave me more, 20 minutes later it wore off again.  This repeated about 4 times until I was ready to push and I gave up on the idea of being numb.  I just wanted my baby OUT! 

After a short 30 minutes of pushing [oh man was I a lucky lady]  Emily Marie was born.  It was the most beautiful moment I have ever witnessed.  Time seemed to stand still when David and I were able to pull her up onto my chest.  She let out the sweetest whimper and that was all she had to say.  She was perfect beautiful little baby girl.  They allowed me to lay with her for quite awhile and I amazed at how quickly I loved her. 

Emily arrived into this world at 12:05 am on April 6, 2011 weighing 6lbs 8oz and measuring 181/2 in long and as perfect as perfect can be.

David was so amazing.  I couldn't have gone through this labor without him.  He was my rock through the entire process.  I also want to thank my mom for being apart of the whole process.  She was so supportive and it meant a lot to me to have here there.

We love our little bundle so much and have enjoyed getting to know her over the past 2 months.  We are so excited for the many many years to come.


  1. I'm so happy for you. Your pictures make me smile, what a beautiful girl!

  2. She is absolutely beautiful Kenz! I bet she just keeps getting cuter and cuter too :) I want to see more pics! I hope all is going well for the three of you!