Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh my... things change!?

Sometimes I think I am crazy.  Sometimes my husband thinks I am crazy.  Sometimes we are crazy together.

Well, for the few of you that read this, I thought I would keep you updated. . . we are NOT moving.

Before any of you think I am too crazy, here's how the story goes:

A few days ago, while looking through thousands of rental home listings, I stopped and for the first time faced the gnawing feeling my stomach kept having.   Why was I so reluctant to move to Dallas?  I just kept telling myself it was because I was afraid.  Afraid of the cost, afraid of leaving my comfort zone, etc.  But I consider myself pretty acquainted with fear and this just didn't seem the same.

I told my sweet hubster what I was feeling.  I expected him to just reassure me that everything would be fine but he replied, that he was feeling the same way.  So, with careful & prayerful thought and consideration, we both concluded that as odd as it may seem, Dallas is not the right place for us.  We needed to stay here for whatever reason unseen and unknown to us right now. 

I felt a HUGE sense of I could breathe again.  BUT then I started to worry... what in the world am I going to do?!  I want to get my Master's in something!!! I began looking into online Speech Pathology programs.  In a round about way I realized, while I am changing things up, why don't I change my degree?!

You think I'm crazy don't you?  I think I am crazy!  In the end I found a career path that I feel is PERFECT for me.  So I am going to start applying to online programs to get my Master's in Applied Behavioral Analysis with an emphasis in Autism.  I am going to be a Behavioral Specialist and work with families and children who have autism or other behavioral/challenging disorders.  I can't wait.

It is funny how things can change so quickly but be so right all at the same time.  I am just grateful for the wonderful man in my life who is so supportive of me and anything I do.  I love make decisions together.  I love being supported.

Needless to say my family (mom especially) is very happy to have us stay.  Now all we have to do is find a place to live! :)